Compensation Plan

The following are highlights of Collagen Essentials’ Compensation Plan.

Our Independent Distributors are generously rewarded for selling our products. This brochure outlines the benefits of Collagen Essentials generous compensation plan, offering a fantastic opportunity to build your own business with endless possibilities.

Our compensation plan is built based on basic principals where everybody should be rewarded for their hard work. As you will notice the plan is easy to understand with no need to spend a lot of time in studying it.
We do not, therefore, offer you a complicated ladder of success. Without the excessive use of titles our network provides for only one level: CE Distributor.

There are a few ways to earn income with Collagen Essentials:

Direct sale – it should be your priority. Selling products directly to your customers is the foundation for your business and it’s essential to network marketing. You earn income by purchasing products offered by Collagen Essentials at the wholesale price and selling them at the retail price of your choice but not less than the company’s suggested retail prices. We offer to our distributors very generous wholesale prices. The wholesale prices for all our products are marked 40% less then suggested retail prices. We understand that some of our distributors would like to reward their loyal customers by lowering the retail price. This is permitted by only up to 15%.

Monthly bonus – The CE Distributor is also eligible to receive a bonus from the sales made by distributors he/she personally sponsors.

The bonus is paid from the turnover of the distributors she/he sponsored in the period of one calendar month. To be eligible to receive a monthly bonus the CE Distributor has to be active in the sale of our products, which means having purchased the products for resale for a minimum of $89.00 (wholesale prices) in the month the bonus would be paid.

High performance bonus - Collagen Essentials, Inc. believes that hard work calls for an additional reward. Our Compensation plan includes a “High Performance Bonus” for best monthly and yearly performances. The CE Distributor will be paid additional 1% when the turnovers from the monthly sale (wholesale prices) of his/her sponsored distributors exceed $7,000.00 and 2% when the sale exceeds 14,000.

To join as a CE Distributor you pay a one time enrollment fee of $39.00 and by signing a CE Distribution Agreement you are guaranteed at the very beginning:

Our goal is to provide an opportunity for many seeking jobs and looking to earn a good income. As we mentioned, possibilities are unlimited. You will be your own boss, work on your own pace, using your own creativity.

Please believe in yourself – the opportunity is here!

Welcome to our growing family!

Wishing you health and success.

Management / Collagen Essentials, Inc.